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Our Capabilities

KSG Mechatronics Engineering Sdn Bhd is not just a supplier of parts and services, but a provider of end-to-end solutions. To this end, we can support your operations from the design stage to fabrication, provision of technical advice and replacement of parts and consumables. Our expertise can be encapsulated into three major service lines – design & build, spare parts and the provision of services and technical advice.

Within each service line, our professionals can assist you in recommending solutions most suited for your particular challenge, including providing technical advice post-installation of your glove dipping line.

Design & build: Turnkey solutions or individual sections

KSG Mechatronics Engineering Sdn Bhd provides one-stop project delivery by planning, designing, building and commissioning your glove dipping line. Working closely with you at every stage, we will also manage the procurement, fabrication and delivery of all key components of the dipping line.

We can also fabricate and install individual sections where required, either as a replacement or as a modification to the relevant section.

See the section “Building your dipping line” for further details.

Spare parts

KSG Mechatronics Engineering Sdn Bhd provides a wide catalogue of parts to support the continuous operation of your dipping line. Critical parts such as former holders, conveyor chains, sprocket gears and shafts, and motors are stocked at our site in Balakong, Selangor, and our in-house team of transporters can reach you with a minimal lead time. Prompt delivery is a hallmark of our business.

Our parts are tested prior to delivery and we stand behind our products. You have our commitment that parts found to be defective will be replaced without additional cost to you.

This is one of our lathe machines, capable of machining sprockets up to 1.8 metres

Services and technical advice

By virtue of our long history in steel and stainless steel fabrication, we are in an ideal position to design and customise steel parts such as sprockets, gear shafts, platforms and tanks. KSG Mechatronics Engineering Sdn Bhd has built up expertise in the areas of machining, modification, refurbishment and repair of individual parts and dipping line sections and we can accommodate your requests up to a wide range of specifications.

Our experienced machinists can custom make sprockets and gear shafts to suit your exact requirements.

Our machining processes have been designed to reduce overall turnaround time from the time of receiving your order to delivery. For example, by sequencing the order of machining, welding and assembly in the most optimal manner, we enable you to install and deploy the part with minimal downtime on your side.

We can repair and refurbish your worn former holders, cleaning the parts effectively through a proprietary process that preserve the finish and structural integrity. Our process includes the key step coating the former holder via electro-deposition process, leaving a significantly more durable finish compared to standard powder coating.

If required, we can also modify former holders to function more efficiently, for example including additional parts to protect moving parts from impact damage.

A roller disc looks after our proprietary cleaning process (left), compared to the disc in the condition that it arrived (right)

ED coating (below) protects your former holders giving it extended operating capability

We use high quality bearings for your former holders

Our range of technical advice is not only limited to the mechanical aspect. If you require, we can work with our technical partners and provide you with advice on your production process (nitrile gloves).

An aptitude for process improvement

From working on many large projects, our core team has developed a bank of ideas that we can use to improve your manufacturing process from a number of angles. For example, we have introduced better designed insulation and developed safer ways to monitor the production process, effectively promoting a higher output rate and lower risk of production downtime.

An example of our innovation – polycarbonate panels instead of metal plates enabling your operators to safely assess production conditions

Our facilities

KSG Mechatronics Engineering Sdn Bhd operates an integrated facility of offices, meeting spaces, a shop floor comprising fabrication, refurbishment and machining sections and a warehouse connected to our offices.

Our facility has a number of machines such as:

  • Special lathe machines for large size sprocket gears

  • Heavy duty stamping machines

  • Milling machines

  • Bending and cutting machines

  • Welding machines

  • Disassembly and assembly machines for conveyor chains and former holders

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines