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A Complete Line of Spare Parts

KSG's roots are in spare parts, and we continue to take pride in this business and invest significantly in our capacity to meet your needs at short notice.

We maintain a high level of key spare parts in order to minimise your waiting time. We also maintain our fleet of transporters so that we can control our delivery times, making prompt delivery a commitment we can make to you.

Conveyor chain

Our signature product. Our chains are made of durable and high quality steel. The mechanical properties of our chain (40Cr alloy steel) far outweighs the standard mild steel used in other chains (JIS S45C carbon steel).

  • 40Cr has a tensile strength of ≥ 980 σb/MPa, more than 70% over S45C.

  • 40Cr has a yield strength of ≥ 785 σb/MPa compared to ≥ 343 σb/MPa for S45C.

Our chains come to you with a 2-year warranty, compared to the standard one year offered by the industry.

Former holder

Another KSG signature product. We supply former holders with discs made of nylon, mild steel or stainless steel (type 304 or 430).

  • Our former holders are coated by electro-deposition process for hardness and durability.

  • We use larger and separate sets of bearings to create former holders than can bear a higher load.

  • We can also supply components such as discs, nuts, shafts, springs, housing and bearings.

Power transmission

Power transmission components are key to keeping the dipping line moving, and KSG supplies a complete range.

  • Sprocket gears – made of mild steel, carbon steel or stainless steel, in pitches from 12.7mm to 120mm.

  • Gear shafts – made of mild steel, carbon steel or stainless steel, in diameters from 1” to 10” and lengths of up to 3 meters.

  • Tapper lock pulleys – in standard sizes. Our customers can choose to customise the bore size and keyway.

  • Induction motors – from 0.25HP to 100HP

  • Gear reducers

  • Roller chain – made of alloy steel or stainless steel

  • Bearings – all types of bearings including deep groove ball bearings. Specifically, we maintain a high level of stock for bearings required by dipping line machines, former holders and conveyor chains.

  • Vee and PU belts – various sizes and lengths

  • Fasteners – ready made and custom modified


An essential part of every dipping line, KSG can design and fabricate stainless steel tanks to your requirements.

  • Processing tank lengths of up to 15 metres.

  • Storage mixing tank with volumes from 5 MT to 60 MT.

Washing and beading systems

  • Horizontal and round brushing systems with a brushing area of up to 2 metres, compared to an industry average of 1.5 metres.

  • Shaft lengths of up to 2.3 metres.

  • Polycarbonate screen enables operators to view the brushes compared to the traditional metal plates which prohibit active monitoring.

  • Brush type or polyurethane hard roller beading system.

Auto strip machine

KSG supplies auto strip machines, with a low reject rate, or components of the auto strip machine as required.

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